Actions and events

Forward, backward, sideways…

The long-awaited government Action Plan to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion and its attendant budgetary measures, were finally published last April 2, 11 months after the date stipulated in the Quebec Act to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion. In summary, several steps forward, backwards, and sideways. An analysis by the Collective for a poverty-free Quebec.

COMMON MISSION: building a poverty-free Quebec

The “COMMON MISSON: Building a poverty-free Quebec” campaign was launched today. It is centered around a petition to the National Assembly which has three main goals: obtain universal access to quality public services, increase minimum wage to a level which makes it possible to work one’s way out of poverty, and increase social benefits to insure health and dignity to those lacking sufficient revenue. Signing this petition is a civic contribution toward a poverty-free Quebec, in the name of human rights, leading to a society enriched by all of its people.

Is it possible to implement processes towards poverty-free societies?

Since 1998 a large grassroots movement, formed in a Collective for a law on the elimination of poverty, requested from the Quebec National Assembly a law based on the formal proposal that was assembled from a survey in which thousands of persons were involved, including many persons living in poverty. Five years later there is a result: the Quebec National Assembly has just adopted unanimously a bill aiming to act against poverty and exclusion.