COMMON MISSION: Building a Poverty-Free Quebec

COMMON MISSION : Building a Poverty-Free Quebec is a new campaign intended to demonstrate our common desire to make Quebec into a poverty-free society and to get the Quebec National Assembly to commit itself, in the name of human rights, to act here and now against poverty.

The COMMON MISSION Campaign: Building a Poverty-Free Quebec proposes three principles:

• everyone must have access to quality public services for all;

• full time work at the minimum salary must raise one from poverty;

• social programs must guarantee an income ensuring people’s dignity and health.

Signing this petition is a civic contribution toward a poverty-free Quebec, leading to a society enriched by all of its people.

The petition is available on a piece of cardboard divided into two detachable parts. One part, the “post-card,” is to be signed, detached and mailed. The other part is for the signer to keep as a memory aid or educational tool.

You may order petition cards by filling the order form below.

You may also download and print it.

After having received more than 40 000 signed cards, the Collectif’s members decided in November to extend the campaign until March 31st, 2009.

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